What to Feed Puppies at 3 Weeks - Fabulous Steps (2023)

A 3 week puppy development program is important as this is the critical stage for a puppy. Raising a newborn puppy can be rewarding for many people.

What is a blue roan cocker spaniel?

What is a blue roan cocker spaniel?

The pups are adorable but need a lot of care during their 3 week phase. They need as much care as any human baby. So what to feed puppies at 3 weeks?

If you are wondering about this fact, we hope this content will help you. We like to do our research perfectly, and this content will help you with everything you need to raise your puppies.

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First of all, how to feed a baby puppy?

now how can youfeed your dog? This is very important because you need to understand the feeding schedule and the required steps to feed your puppies. The first few weeks are quite safe for newborn puppies. They will receive all the necessary antibacterial content from mother's milk.

Dog milk produces a milky-textured substance called colostrum. This gives the puppies sufficient immunity against infection. Therefore, you need to make sure that the puppies get enough milk from their mother. However, this is an easy process from the start.

But there are times when the mother does not want to accept the baby. Or the mother may not want to share her milk. At such times, she should ask any vet for help. The vet will provide supplements for the puppies. When the puppy can't suckle, you need to feed it yourself. And if you don't know how to do it, you should consult your vet.

Try consulting your vet on the basics of raising or feeding your puppies. Not to mention, sometimes they may need to be fed through stomach tubes. But first, consult your vet. Feed your puppies while they are lying on their stomachs. Any other position can lead to suffocation. Milk for your pup should be around 100 degrees.

It's like human babies. To heat the milk you have to be careful. Never use the microwave to heat milk for your puppies. Try warming the bottle by placing it in a bowl of warm water. Immediately after feeding your puppies, you should gently pat them on your pup's shoulder. By doing this, you cankeep your dogs healthy.

How often should you feed your puppy during the first 3 weeks?

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This is another crucial thing that you need to consider. Generally, newborn puppies eat every 2-3 hours a day. Therefore, pet owners are always busy with their puppies. Yes, raising a dog is like raising a human baby. Now just checking the feeding time is not enough. You have to think about the whole process.

If your cubs feed on their mother, you just need to check on them. But if he does not have the ability to latch on to the nipple, you will have to resort to the bottle. Bottle feeding will ensure they get all the vital nutrients. Also, you can use a formula.

Before you give formula away, check the packaging requirements. If you carefully review the instructions on the package, you can easily feed your puppies. But be sure to keep track of how much you are feeding them. Overfeeding is not a good idea.

Thinking about the environment is also crucial for your pups. Puppies need a warm environment to sleep. Sleep is vital for your digestive immunity. Therefore, you should also consider creating a suitable environment for your puppies.

Within 3 weeks, the puppies will begin to bite or chew on the bottle. This is the time when they are ready to eat semi-soft foods. But before that, it is necessary to resort to milk or formula.

How much should you feed your puppies?

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Newborn puppies need to eat a lot. Well, they must eat and sleep 90% of the time for the first 2 weeks. How much you should feed depends on the breed and size of your dog. For more information, you should consult a veterinarian. But one thing is for sure, your puppies should gain 5-10% of their body weight daily.

As we said, giving milk is the best option. However, if the puppy starts crying a lot, you'd better take care of his health. Usually, when breast milk is affected, the baby begins to experience discomfort. There are usually quite a few commercial supplements for her to choose from. But consult a vet for better suggestions.

After receiving the supplement, simply warm the milk. Warming up the milk is enough to help your pup stay healthy and fit. There is no need for semi-hard foods or foods other than milk.

Now, you better check your supplemental milk. The milk must contain DHA, omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients. For the first 2 weeks, try to feed them every 2-3 hours. After that, you can resort to 6-8 hours a day.

What about your dog's weight distribution?

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Thinking about weight control is just as crucial for puppies. Now, the weight of their puppies varies from breed to breed. But in general, puppies can weigh between 2.5 ounces and 2.25 pounds. Gradually, your puppies will gain weight.

Weight gain depends on food. Although different breeds have their own weight distribution, the weight they gain in the first 2 weeks is the same. At least the percentage of weight gain is the same. Now the first 3 weeks will be difficult. You should try to weigh them every day for the first three weeks. And try to weigh them every 3 days a week afterwards.

Depending on the breed, puppies should gain 10% weight per day. It is important to weigh them. Otherwise, you will not be able to tell if they are capable of maintaining health or not. We do not believe that dogslose weightin the first three weeks.

And if they lose weight, better consult your vet. So the first three weeks will be crucial for your puppies. Depending on their breed and size, puppies will gain 6 times more weight in the first three weeks. So watch your weight for the first three weeks.

Why do dogs put their heads between their legs?

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Tucking a dog's head between your legs is a long-standing tradition, as old as man and beast. Dogs understand that this provides maximum protection against any potential danger, be it human or animal.

Your dog will not only put his head in there, but his paws as well, so he'll be completely enveloped in your safety bubble. It gives them an overwhelming sense of comfort and belonging. They feel completely safe and protected.

The first time your dog does this, you'll be surprised that he has the nerve to do it, but then you'll praise him because he feels so safe. See how smart and intuitive his dog is.

Teach your dog the silent command

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Dogs learn in the same way as humans and with the same level of attention, so ask yourself if you are taking the time to give them what they need to succeed. If not, then it might be time for a new approach. There are many different options depending on what your dog needs. Start with a "take" treatment; many dogs respond well.

Your dog can learn the silent command using clicker training, sometimes called "mark and reward." You ask the dog to sit and then reward it. Using the clicker as a bullet and a bullet gives both of you something to focus on so you can track your progress.

For example, if your dog jumps up for attention, try saying "sit." When your dog sits, click and give him a treat. Repeat this several times until your dog begins to sit up in anticipation of the treat. If you do this correctly, your dog will start to sit up when he hears the word.

final verdict

Keeping your pups safe for the first 2-3 weeks is a must. If you are wondering what to feed them and how to feed them, then the task is not so difficult. Just try to be careful and take care of your health. Staying informed is on your to-do list. I hope you now know what to feed puppies at 3 weeks.

Keeping your pups safe for the first 2-3 weeks is a must. The job is not difficult if you know what to feed them and how to feed them. Just try to be cautious and take care of your well-being. You have things you need to do, like stay informed.

The most important thing to remember is that every puppy, even a five-pound Chihuahua, is a baby and can become seriously ill from poor nutrition. Therefore, you need to be very careful when feeding them. There are many commercial foods available in the market that are not only good for your health but also for maintaining your weight. I hope you now know what to feed puppies at 3 weeks.

Frequent questions

1. What can I feed my 3 week old puppy without his mother?

You should feed your 3 week old puppy dry or canned food with meat as the first ingredient. Avoid corn, wheat, and soy, as these ingredients are rarely found in dog foods (especially puppies).

2. Can 4 week old puppies go through the night without eating?

No, your 4 week old puppy won't be able to go through the night without eating! Your puppy's system is still developing and he can't digest solid food.


Your 3 week old puppy can go 4 to 8 hours without eating.

4. When should I vaccinate my puppies?

Your puppies should be vaccinated by 8 weeks of age – various requirements and guidelines depending on your state laws.

5. Why do dogs put their heads between their legs so often?

He's licking your face. It is common for a dog to vary between licking his face and putting his head between his legs.

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