Sorted out! This is like fixing an oven that won't turn on. (2023)

Q: We recently moved into our house and now that it is cooling down we notice that the oven won't turn on. We know we need to get it working before the pipes freeze up, but we have no idea what the problem is. Can we fix an oven that won't turn on instead of calling a technician?

A:Cold house and teeth chattering aside, a faulty home oven can lead to expensive damage, including, as you mentioned,tube freezing. Low temperatures or the resulting condensation can damage windows, and a home without heat during the frigid winter months may even succumb to structural damage.

Run your oven forcold weatheris a high priority and needs to be addressed right away, but that doesn't necessarily mean you should call amaintenance specialist. If your oven stops working, there are several solutions toproblems with the oventhings you can do, including adjusting the thermostat and, if you have a gas model, resetting the oven pilot light. read about someoven troubleshootingtactics to try before calling a service technician.

Make sure the thermostat is on.

The most obvious solution to a furnace that won't turn on is often overlooked when troubleshooting heating systems: Many people forget to check the furnace.thermostat, the part of your heating system that evaluates the room temperature and allows you to set and adjust the desired temperature. Typically, a thermostat is mounted on one of the main walls of your home, slightly higher than a light switch.

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If your thermostat doesn't turn on, the device can't tell the oven when to turn on. so if you have oneprogrammable thermostat, make sure the display is on, the oven is on, and the unit is set to heat. if you have manualthermostat, be aware that during dusting or other household cleaning, the switch may be accidentally turned to the "off" position. Once you've determined that the thermostat is on, turn up the heat to a temperature that normally causes the oven to turn on; this temperature can vary from one thermostat to another. If heat does not start after about a minute, increase the temperature setting significantly while you continue troubleshooting.

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Make sure the gas is on.

Any gas oven will have a gas valve or faucet located within 6 feet of the unit. Furnace valve designs vary, but generally include a small disc with a small handle or lever. Some gas valves may look like little boxes, while others may resemble a lever the size of your index finger (often brightly colored).

The valve could have been closed accidentally or by someone working on the oven who forgot to turn it back on. While valves can vary by brand or manufacturer, a gas valve will usually be in the open position, meaning gas is flowing through the pipe, if the valve handle is parallel to the pipe. If the handle is perpendicular to the tube, the valve is probably closed. To open it, turn the handle so that it is parallel to the barrel.

If the heater still won't turn on after opening the valve, check another gas appliance in the house, such as aovenochimney, to see if it still works. If your other gas appliances won't turn on, you may not be getting gas into your home. This could be the result of crews working somewhere along the gas line, or there could be a gas leak, break, or even a blockage in the line. A gas leak can be a dangerous situation, so if you suspect this is the case, call 911 immediately and follow instructions.


To assess the situation, go outside and check the valve on the street side and then the interior valve on the house side to see if they are on. If they are not lit, turning the valve to the open or "on" position (as described above) should get gas flowing into your home again. if youovenand other gas appliances still won't turn on, contact your utility company to see if they are working in your area or if there has been a service interruption. If not, check your account status. Whether due to a technical failure or human carelessness, a glitch or failurepayment of public servicesmay result in interruption of service.

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Check the position of the oven power switch.

Sometimes the reason an oven won't turn on is because it's simply turned off. Locate the on/off switch on the oven itself, which is likely on a nearby wall or even a ceiling or floor joist near the unit. It often looks like a normal light switch and may or may not be labeled. Usually, but not always, the "on" position is up, although this depends on the installation. It's easy for someone unfamiliar with the house to accidentally turn off the oven, mistaking it for a light switch. Flip this switch back to the "on" position and wait for the unit to boot up. Some ovens may take several minutes before restarting.

Replace an air filter.

A clogged air filter will prevent the oven from heating properly. Over time, an air filter can become clogged with dust, hair, or other household debris, making your furnace less efficient. Also, restricted airflow can cause the heat in the heat exchanger to continually rise. Each oven has limit switches that activate when temperatures exceed a designated point, shutting down the oven. To keep the unit running efficiently,furnace air filtersIt should be replaced every 1-3 months, regardless of any heating or airflow issues.

To find the filter, locate where air enters the oven when it is operating. Slide the old filter out and look on the side for the model number and size to find out which replacement filter to buy. When you replace the filter, check whether there is an arrow mark on the frame, indicating the direction of airflow. As you slide the newfurnace filterinstead, be sure to position the arrow so that it faces the oven.

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Check ignition sensor.

If you're confident in your DIY skills, you may want to clean the ignition sensor (also known as the flame sensor) on your oven. The ignition sensor is a safety device that detects if the oven is burning gas. The sensor uses the temperature rise in the oven to identify the flames. If the sensor cannot detect a flame, it will shut off the oven to prevent unburned gas from escaping. Debris buildup can prevent the viewing head from working properly. Cleaning may allow the oven to start and function properly. If this troubleshooting tactic is beyond the scope of your DIY skills, it might be time to call in a professional. To get an idea of ​​what is involved, consider these basic instructions for cleaning the ignition sensor:

  • Before attempting to clean the sensor, turn the oven off. A heater does not have an on/off switch, so to turn it off, find the gas valve that controls the gas going into your heater and turn the small lever on the valve to the closed or "off" position (perpendicular to the pipeline). .
  • Then find a porcelain base with a small metal rod facing the pilot from inside the oven. Use a screwdriver with the appropriate head to loosen and remove the screw next to the sensor, then slide the dirty sensor out of its current position.
  • Carefully clean the metal rod with a steel wool pad or clean, straight knife to remove any buildup. Rub very carefully and patiently; you don't want to separate the stem from the base.
  • Once clean, slide the sensor back into position, replace the screw that secures the sensor, and turn the gas back on.

If after trying these solutions your oven still won't turn on, it might be time to consider calling an oven repair professional. Check online directories to find repair technicians in your neighborhood. Your local home improvement store can also be a great resource for finding furnace repair technicians.

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final thoughts

When the oven won't turn on, it can be tempting to throw up your hands and pick up the phone to call the big guns. However, before turning to a professional, take a deep breath, square your shoulders, and try some DIY strategies yourself. The problem could be as simple as a dirty filter or a tripped breaker, or maybe, whoops, the dog swallowed the gas bill.

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Review our list of solutions, and if your oven still won't turn on, you can call the experts.

Frequently asked questions about what to do when the oven does not turn on

Making sure the heating system turns on when needed is one of the most important responsibilities facing a homeowner, and one you want to get right. So, if you still have some doubts on this topic, keep reading to find out more.

Q. How does an oven work?

In a gas oven, small flames are created by burning natural gas or LP gas in devices called burners. The fans expel the heat given off by these flames towards a duct system that distributes the heat throughout the house.

Q. How do I reset power to my oven?

Your oven unit may have a reset button attached to it. Locate this button and hold it down for a few seconds, then release it. Alternatively, there may be a switch located on the wall near the oven. If that doesn't work, you may need to reset the switch associated with the oven.

Q. Where is the reset button on the oven?

Oven designs vary by manufacturer, so your best bet is to consult your user manual to locate the oven reset button for your specific unit. It is often attached to the side of the fan motor, which is inside the fan compartment. (If you don't have the manual handy, find the model number on the oven and look it up online.)

Q. How can I tell if my thermostat or oven is bad?

The first step is to check the thermostat display. If it is blank or unresponsive when you try to make adjustments, the thermostat is probably broken. If the display is responsive but the oven is not, troubleshoot the oven as described above.

Q. How do you know if the oven pilot light is faulty?

If air is coming out of the vents but the air is not hot, the pilot light may be off. On your oven unit, find the panel that hides the pilot light and open it. If you don't see a small blue flame, the pilot light is off.

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