Here are the top 25 brands of skid steer rubber tracks (2023)

Here are the top 25 brands of skid steer rubber tracks (1)

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During the life of your skid steer loader, its rubber tracks will need to be replaced many times.

Rubber skid steer tracks typically last between 1200 and 1600 hours. That's about twice as longair-filled tires, also called pneumatics, with skid steer. Tracks are ideal for soft, uneven terrain because they damage surfaces less while still providing the traction needed to maneuver around a construction site.

Caterpillar Sea, the rubber tracks must be replaced if the tread depth is less than 8 mm and the tread deflection is less than 34 mm. Your service technician should also consider a replacement if the skid steer chains cannot maintain proper tension or if the installed wire rope jumps or ratchets over the sprocket teeth.

Skid steer loader or skid steer loader?

Some people call it a skid steer loader, others say compact track loader or CTL. What is it? A defining feature is that a skid steer loader has wheels and a skid steer loader has tracks. Why do we use "sliding guide rails" in this article? Many people use these terms interchangeably or refer to both types of machines as skid steer loaders, making skid steer loaders the most popular term in colloquial usage. But technically we are talking about replacement areas for CTLs.

Here are the top 25 brands of skid steer rubber tracks (2)

How to choose the right tread pattern for your rubber mats

While there are a variety of skid steer rubber track tread patterns, depending on the application, the most common types are:

  • step
  • piso C tab
  • straight tread
  • multi-bar profile

The popular staggeredstepIt is a multi-purpose tread that can work well on many surfaces, but especially on hot paved roads and gravel.

(Video) Skid Steer Loaders: tracked performance with Camso Rubber OTT (over-the-tire tracks)

Öpiso C tabIt resembles a "C" shape and works both on and off-road.

Östraight beam floorprovides superior traction in wet and muddy conditions but can result in a bumpier ride.

ÖMultibar profileIt's one of the most versatile for drivers who need to switch between on-road and off-road surfaces in a single job. This profile also works well in snow.

How to measure your replacement rubber bands

If you can't find a part number on the rubber tracks on your current skid steer loader, there is some important information you need to know in order to find suitable replacement parts.

  • Write down the make, model and year of your machine.
  • Measure your track size.This includes:
    • Track width in inches/millimeters
    • Distance between links/lugs in inches/millimeters
    • Pitch (distance between the centers of two links/lugs) in inches/millimeters
  • Count the total number of links/lugs along the entire length of the chain.
  • Determine the applications and site conditions where you will be using the rails.

After receiving this information, consult aqualified customer service representativeto ensure the proper fit of your skid steer replacement rubber tracks.

Below we've compiled a list of 25 OEM and aftermarket rubber track brands to help you find the replacement tracks that will work best for you and your jobsite needs.

Did you know?

Worn sprockets are one of the main causes of premature wear in rubber tracks. Replace sprockets when they are visibly worn or missing teeth to prolong the life of the treadmill.


Blumaq, founded in Spain in 1992 as a family business, offers a variety of sizes and models of rubber tracks for all types of operating conditions. The international company claims to keep continuous stocks and can ship many models within 24 hours, with two offices in the United States.


Bobcat rubber tracks are available in a variety of tread patterns designed for your specific application, with wide tracks ideal for flotation and narrow tracks designed for higher ground pressure. While the C pattern is the original Bobcat rubber track, the brand also offers block, multi-bar grip, and non-marking turf patterns.

(Video) Installing McLaren Magnum OTT Skid Steer Tracks on a Bobcat S220


One of the largest suppliers of rubber tracks to OEMs, Bridgestone was founded in 1931 and has more than 180 manufacturing facilities in 25 countries around the world. According to the company, its engineers pioneered the rubber mat in the 1960s and manufacture the raw materials such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon and steel cords for its mats. Bridgestone offers four tread patterns - Vortech, Block, Multi-Bar Lugs and Polar - for compact track loaders.

Camso by Michelin (Camoplast Solideal)

Camso, formerly known as Camoplast Solideal, offers at least three models of rubber tracks for skid steer loaders. The company uses a unique vulcanization technology for its rubber compound and endless high-strength steel cables to reduce downtime due to breakage. Its iron core and robust housing are designed to increase durability and improve bearing path life.


Cat offers three patterns for its compact rubber tracks for wheel loaders, with general-duty treads, heavy-duty blocks and heavy-duty treads. The company's steel-embedded rubber tracks provide the traction you need, while their design contributes to high flotation, low ground pressure, machine stability and a smooth ride.


Trabber chains from Cohidrex from Spain feature their GL system, which offers reinforced sides, steel cable and forged sprocket teeth. This prevents breakage and premature cuts and improves durability. The brand also includes an anti-vibration tape system where the reel rests on the metal core of the tape.


In 2002, Dominion Equipment began marketing its own brand of rubber tracks from at least eight warehouses across North America. Dominion offers a six-month, non-prorated limited warranty against manufacturing defects on its skid steer tracks.


According to the company, DuroForce manufactures aftermarket rubber tracks for compact track loaders that meet or exceed OEM standards. Their chains feature forged links made from solid steel, and all steel parts in the chains are treated with a special acid wash to help bond the steel and rubber. Six tread patterns are available.

Here are the top 25 brands of skid steer rubber tracks (3)

global rail warehouse

Founded in Australia in 1996, with its North American headquarters in Chicago, Global Track Warehouse Group (GTW) is a full-service OEM supplier that designs, manufactures and distributes its products. GTW uses a natural rubber formulation containing up to 70% natural rubber in its CTL rubber mats to prevent cracking.

America's ITR

ITR Solutions relies on its field trials and field experience to produce high quality rubber tracks. The company opened its new rail vehicle manufacturing facility in Hobart, Indiana, in 2019 adjacent to its North American headquarters. ITR offers different tread patterns for different applications.

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John Deere

John Deere rubber tracks feature a curved roller track that increases roller track life by up to 22% over the previous version. In addition, the company has improved the adhesive strength of the metal core and the durability of the wire rope. John Deere CTL rubber tracks come with an 18 month or 1,500 hour parts and labor warranty.

KTSU America

KTSU America was founded in March 2010 and offers rubber tracks with and without metal core for compact track loaders and multi-terrain loaders. The rail structure has been designed to ensure correct assembly and performance.

McLaren Industries

With over 20 years of experience, McLaren Industries offers an extensive range of tread patterns for its rubber mats. McLaren chains are built to OEM specifications and are suitable for a wide range of applications. Its Terrapin tracks are suitable for turf, while its NextGen tracks offer excellent traction. Maximizer bands are durable and designed to fit your budget.

Selling gear in the Midwest

MWE rubber mats are made from continuous steel cord and non-recycled rubber. Their high-quality tracks are designed to provide optimal, long-life traction for harsh working environments.

Prowler tracks

Prowler adheres to strict ISO 9001 quality standards when manufacturing its CTL rubber tracks. The extra-deep, heat-resistant lugs increase traction, and the reinforced, recessed steel links ensure a smooth rolling path for the undercarriage. Prowler treadmills also feature a thick carcass made of all-natural and synthetic rubber and continuously wound steel cables.


Established in 1992, Romac Industrial Parts maintains a large inventory of rubber mats throughout the United States and the company's warehouse staff will ship orders the same day they are placed. Manufactured to the highest rubber composition standards, Romac chains utilize three wire rope technologies for optimal performance.

Rio rubber tracks

Rio rubber mats are manufactured to ISO quality workmanship standards. The mats have seamless internal steel cable technology and a five-layer, symmetrically wound steel cable mesh. They are available in a variety of sizes and tread patterns, with a six-month compact track loader warranty.


Rubbertrax was one of the first aftermarket chain suppliers to offer continuous steel cord rubber chains for added strength and durability. The bands feature forged metal inserts for a strong metal core and premium natural/synthetic rubber compounds. Recycled rubber is not used on any of its tracks.

Here are the top 25 brands of skid steer rubber tracks (4)
(Video) Ask The Experts: How Do I Determine When I Need To Replace My Rubber Tracks?

SRJ Inc.

SRJ Inc. HiQual rubber mats feature the company's patented S'Wave tread pattern. This pattern offers more traction than C-patterns or blockchains. All chains are made from 100% natural virgin rubber, dipped and forged 1045 iron cores and continuous high-strength steel cables.

Summit rubber mats

Founded in 1982, Summit Supply has eliminated 95% of rubber rail failures with its proprietary endless wire rope technology. As a direct importer, the company uses a strict mix of natural and synthetic rubber for its chains - without recycled materials.


Trelleborg's CRT-800 CTL rubber track features an economical, low-vibration design and an advanced rubber compound. The rails include a bundle of endlessly wound cables and forged metal parts to improve durability and reduce breakage.

Trident (Traxter)

Trident rubber mats use continuous steel cord for strength and coated steel cord for corrosion resistance. With forged and heat-treated metal cores to increase durability, Trident models fit over 5,000 machine models with application-specific lug patterns.

Traces of Troy

Trojan Tracks uses a specially formulated rubber compound to reduce nicks and tears. They feature double continuous steel bands, which are cords made up of multiple strands spirally wrapped into a wide steel band. Trojan Tracks also use forged steel inserts that are hot dipped in a pressure sensitive adhesive for added strength.


TVH rubber skid steer tracks feature continuous internal metal belts. The company offers rubber tracks for Bobcat, Case, Caterpillar, JCB, John Deere, Kubota, Takeuchi, Volvo and Yanmar loaders.

VMT International (VemaTrack)

VMT International offers over 200 different types of rubber mats, all with embedded steel wire. The company uses a special blend of pure natural rubber, no recycled materials.

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