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Has your dog stopped feeding her puppies at 3 weeks?

It's definitely a big concern when this happens, and there are a variety of reasons why this phenomenon can occur. These may includephysical or neurological conditionsthat lead the mother to reject her maternal duties.

Fortunately, it's not the end of the world!There are ways to ensure that your puppies stay healthy and grow normally, even without the natural milk that their mother normally provides.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about this troubling problem!

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Why doesn't my dog ​​feed her 3 week old puppies?

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A bitch may refuse or stop feeding her 3-week-old puppies for a number of different reasons.

Some mothers just do encourage your puppies to start eating solid foodon their account.

Other times, a female dog may also stop feeding her puppies.if you feel bad.

This occurs mainly when the mother contractsmastitisin the weeks after deliveryresulting in inflammation, pain and discomfort in the nipplesthis forces her to stop breastfeeding properly.

Experts also suggest that aindividual lack of maternal instinctit can cause a bitch to stop feeding her puppies three weeks after birth. This occurs mainly in dogs that havegave birth by caesarean section and has difficulty relatingwith their puppies.

Also, the dogs that wereprematurely separated from their own mothersthey may lack maternal instincts and as a result reject their young early on.

Other factors that can cause a bitch to stop feeding her puppies at three weeks includestressmiunhealthy puppies.

If the mother is under extreme stress after giving birth, she may develop aggressive and dissonant behavior.

You can also stop feeding your puppies if you find that they are not healthy.

Although domesticated, dogs still have thenatural survival traits of their ancestors.Although unhappy, they will instinctively abandon sick or weak pups that are unlikely to survive long.

Some mothers may even kill weak or sick pups and give preferential care to strong, healthy pups that are more likely to survive.

Therefore, it is very important to monitor the bitch during lactation.. If the mother stops feeding her pups at three weeks, she must intervene immediately to prevent the pups from starving.

Some of the signs that the mother has stopped feeding her young include:

  • puppies crying continuously
  • Rapid deterioration of puppies' health
  • The mother is aggressive towards her young.

Contact your vet immediately if this is the case for the best advice.about how to care for puppies and how to make sure the dog is okay.

How long can 3 week old puppies go without food?

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According to veterinarians, three-week-old puppiescan go without food for three days, or even onemaximum of five days if they still have access to water.

Most three-week-old puppies are heavily dependent on their mother's milk for survival. It is also the time period when weaning begins.

In cases where the mother stops feeding the pups and solid food has not yet been introduced to them, it will be difficult for them to survive more than three days.

Therefore, it is essential to always monitor the puppies to see if they eat well.If not, you need to act immediately by bottle feeding or other means to prevent the puppies from starving.

Can puppies be weaned at 3 weeks?

Yes, puppies can be weaned at 3 weeks.

In fact, some puppies often start sneaking a taste of their mother's food at three weeks, a sign that they are ready to be weaned. But all puppies are different and some take up to 5 weeks to wean.

It is very important to watch your puppiesto know if they are ready to be weaned or not. At the same time, don't force your pup if he isn't ready to wean yet.

Although weaning is inevitable in the case of orphaned puppies,experts recommend that you allow the weaning process to be gradual.Puppies need time to transition from exclusive breastfeeding to solid food.

However, most experts advise dog owners toBegin the weaning process when the pup reaches 3 weeks.

Puppies also start teething when they are about three weeks old., and at six weeks of age all the deciduous teeth will have erupted.

That means their pups have teeth to chew their food by three weeks. Begin the weaning process by introducing soft foods,but still allows young to feed on mothers or powdered milkat the same time.

What can I feed a 3 week old puppy without a mother?Dog stopped feeding puppies after 3 weeks... should I be worried? | JoyPet Products (3)

Weaning a 3 week old pup without a mother is challenging but rewarding. Most puppies are ready to transition from milk to solid food at around three weeks of age.

However, weaning an orphaned pup should not be an overnight task.It should happen gradually over 2-3 weeks. The first food you offer your three-week-old puppy should be easy to chew and digestible.

First, choose the brand of puppy food you plan to feed your pup.Remember that a three-week-old puppy has high nutritional and caloric needs. Therefore, the food you choose should be rich in calories, calcium and protein.

Introduce your pup to dog food,making a folder(a mixture of puppy food and a commercial canine milk replacer specially formulated for puppies). Avoid using cow's or goat's milk, as they can cause diarrhea and other stomach problems.

Feed your dog at least four times a day.Put the food in small amounts to make it easier for the puppy to chew. During the first few days, your puppy may hesitate to chew his food because he is used to eating milk. Be patient with the pup and appreciate every little milestone!

Feed it a wet sloppy mix. This will allow the doggetting used to the new source of nutritionwithout causing stomach upset. Thicken the puppy's food gradually to make the transition process smooth.

Recommended Food TypesWhat to feed your puppy includes a mix of high-protein cereal and puppy milk replacer or a mix of canned puppy food and milk replacer or water. You can also let your dog eat dog food or kibble.

How to feed 3 week old puppies?

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As discussed above, her pups can be weaned when they reach three weeks. To successfully wean their pups,start giving them semi-solid foodwhich is smooth and easy to digest.

Prepare the food by mixing dry puppy food with milk replacer specially formulated for puppies. Water can also be added to make it soft and easy to chew.

Hard food for three week old puppies is not recommended.because it is still very difficult to digest and can cause diarrhea and constipation.

There are many types of dog food on the market today, including kibble and cereal.Be very careful when choosing food for your puppies.Buy only from reputable brands with a good track record and user reviews.

Purchase puppy food that is nutritious and high in calories.Mix dry puppy food with a milk replacer and place it in your pup's dish. Each pup should have its own feeder.

If you notice that the puppies are having trouble eating, the food may still be too thick. In that case, add more water or milk replacer to make it softer and easier to chew.

Three-week-old puppies are not yet used to chewing food. You should make the food easier to chew and digest by making sure the mixture is smooth enough.

You can also heat the food to around 20 degrees to increase its palatability and make it more attractive to your puppies.Always give your dogs fresh food.Wet puppy food usually ferments in a few hours, making it inedible. So avoid recycling your puppies' food.

Also, don't forget to give your pups water while feeding them to help them stay well hydrated!

How do you know if the puppies are getting enough milk?

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Mother's milk provides the best nutrients for puppies.It also provides antibodies that help protect puppies from disease. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the puppies get enough milk.

But how can you tell if your pups are gettingenoughmilk? Here are things to consider:

Control the weight of your puppies

One of the best ways to tell if your puppies are getting enough milk is toweigh it at least once a day.

A female dog's milk is rich in calories, protein, and beneficial nutrients that puppies need to grow and develop. if your puppies arelose weight or maintain a specific weightfor too long, this could mean that you are not getting enough milk.

On the other hand, if they are gaining weight, it is a clear sign that they are getting enough milk and nutrition.

Check the general health status of your dog

Milk is rich in protein, beneficial nutrients, and minerals that play a crucial role in improving your pup's health. Milk also contains antibodies that help protect puppies from disease.

So if your puppies get sick frequently, it could be because they aren't getting enough milk. On the other hand, if they are in perfect health and rarely get sick, there are probably no problems with their diet!

crying and complaining

Another way to determine if your puppies are getting enough milk is to see if they cry frequently, even after eating.

If the puppies are constantly crying, this could be a sign that they are not getting enough milk and are hungry. Puppies that get enough milk are generally happier and rarely cry or demand more food.

What should a 3 week old puppy be like?

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Puppies grow fast if they are well fed.At three weeks, your pups will have reached important developmental milestones.

A three week old puppyYou must have increased strength and mobility. Its hind legs should have reached its front legs, allowing it to move with surprising efficiency. Also, a three week old puppy should be able to stand up and sit up on its own.

The puppy will also begin to develop its individuality.You need to be able to tell one puppy from another, both in terms of appearance and behavior.

The puppy should also start teething at three weeks.You should notice the appearance of your first deciduous or milk teeth. This is also the stage when most puppies are weaned, especially if the pup is large and puts a lot of pressure on the mother's milk.

Most puppies try their first solid food at 3 weeks of age. This is also the point at which the puppies start to growl at each other.

How to care for a 3 week old puppy without its mother?

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Caring for a 3-week-old orphaned puppy comes with challenges and rewards. The fact that the cub is still very young means thatwill require more care and attentioncompared to older dogs.

In this section we give you some tips on how to care for a 3 week old orphaned puppy:

provide enough heat

Keeping three week old puppies warm should be a priority, and not just with their endless love!

Dogs usually get their heatwrap up and stay close to his mother.If the pup is alone without the mother and siblings, the heat becomes a great challenge. This means that he must step in to help keep his dog warm.

There are many ways to keep your three week old puppy warm.The most recommended heating techniquesThey include placing a heating pad or hot water bottle on the dog's blanket or towel.

Also make sure your home or room is at a warm and comfortable temperature!

Make sure the pup is well fed.

In addition to keeping your pup warm, you also want to make sure he's well fed.

The pups must first be bottle-fed without their mother, but most will be ready to be weaned within three weeks.Start making and feeding the porridge.(dry puppy food moistened with warmed puppy milk replacement formula or warm water).

Make sure the food is soft to make it easier for your pup to chew and digest.Feed your dog at least four times a day. Don't forget to give your dog water to keep him well hydrated!

At around 8 weeks of age, it will beready to transition to tougher foods.

keep the dog clean

Keeping your dog clean not only helps improve his health, but also makes him more comfortable.Although puppies learn to groom relatively quickly and can develop good grooming habits early on, they still need your help as the cleanup may not be successful.

UEIt is also very important to keep the dog's bed prevent disease and infection.

Be sure to rub the puppy's belly with a soft, damp cloth after each clean up any urine and poop residue. Finally, wash your pup's dishes after every meal and give him clean, fresh water every day.

veterinary visits

When caring for an orphaned puppy, it's important to schedule a regular appointment with the vet for a complete checkup.

In addition to checking the pup's general health, your vet will also give you tips on how to best care for your pup.


It's definitely a bit of a concern when your bitch stops feeding her puppies at 3 weeks of age.

However, all is not lost and your pups can definitely still grow up healthy and strong with a little extra care and attention.

Bitches may refuse to feed their puppies at 3 weeks of age for a llarge number of possible reasons.For example, they can befeel a little sorefrom all the constant nursing they've been doing these past few weeks, and who can blame them!

In other scenarios, the bitch may haveweaker maternal instinctsby the method in which she gave birth, or by her own upbringing. In such cases, it will be up to you, as the responsible owner, to assume the creation functions.

The most important waysCaring for 3-week-old puppies includes feeding them semi-solid food, giving them plenty of water, and keeping them as clean and warm as possible.

Monitor your daily status andyou will be surprised how well and fast they groweven without the support of the mother!

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