Best doctor and medicine games, ranking (2023)

The topics of illness, medical treatment - and the medical profession in general - can seem like strange topics of conversation. But, as in many fields, video games can serve to give the subject a little more fun touch.

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When it comes to this topic, games have taken different approaches over the years to create a fun and interesting experience. Some emphasize detail and emphasize an almost educational, simulator-like point of view, while others work with a more lighthearted look. These can be effective in raising awareness in an area that can be intimidating for some. At the same time, this little-touched play area also provided the backdrop for some dynamic and fun experiences. We've looked at some of the greatest examples over the years.


10 Bio Inc. Reimbursement

Best doctor and medicine games, ranking (1)

This takes the form of a sort of multi-level anatomical puzzle, along with tests of speed and vigilance. You are tasked with diagnosing and treating victims of deadly diseases. You could also take a more circuitous route, actually.inflictvarious diseases and viruses in their patients.

The complex and busy nature of Bio Inc.'s interface and gameplay. Redemption may not be for everyone. Still, many players and doctors are likely to find a lot of excitement in this race against the clock. It's hard not to appreciate the amount of variety, if only because DryGin's point-and-click game includes it.hundredsfrom diseases, viruses, treatments and diagnostic tests to crafting.

9 SimHealthGenericName

Best doctor and medicine games, ranking (2)

This is an obscure, socio-political DOS game.Early 90's product. In fact, the game was developed by Maxis in partnership with the Markle Foundation to raise awareness at a time of debate about the direction of the American healthcare system. It's interesting to say the least - but what does the actual gameplay look like?

Well, the consensus among the few who have played it seems to point to a certain tedium and complexity that makes even the first attempts at Sim City feel exciting. However, the attention to detail and educational value of this economyyes doctorshould attract some fans of the genre.

8 hospital tycoon

Best doctor and medicine games, ranking (3)

Both a hospital management game and a business simulator, DR Studios' Hospital Tycoon shines with nuanced mechanics and a surprisingly engaging story. While some found it a little rough around the edges, this 2007 game impresses with its massive scope, which can be further expanded via sandbox mode.

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You must oversee the busy events of a hospital while taking care of patients, nurses and doctors. With its more passive approach and consistent storytelling, Hospital Tycoon feels as much like a game as an interactive version of the TV show ER.

7 hospital project

Best doctor and medicine games, ranking (4)

Taking a more colorful approach to hospitals, Oxymoron Games fuses cartoon visuals with the nuances of a business simulation. You take on the roles of builder, manager, and doctor while also building, hiring, and supervising the hospital's interns. There's no shortage of activities to get lost in - from treating patients to tinkering with construction sites and keeping employees happy.

In a welcome addition, complexity can be simplified by choosing prefabricated spaces. This allows you to focus more on micromanaging, completing tasks, and caring for patients. Several game patches have also improved the experience, particularly in terms of quality of life.

6 the Apple

Best doctor and medicine games, ranking (5)

There's an outbreak hitting the streets, a mass hoax caused by the sinister Captain Brains. The goal? Transport limp and disoriented patients to the hospital. The wacky premise certainly matches the colorful, cartoonish imagery. But behind this childlike madness is a surprisingly fun action-puzzle game, especially when you team up with another doctor.

Controls feel comically loose, enhanced by sloppy ragdoll physics. But these mechanics - along with fun, escalating challenges - only add to the fun and humor of the experience. Tarsier Studios doesn't take itself too seriously, despite the more serious tone this topic often carries - but that's mostly why it works.

5 operations simulator

Best doctor and medicine games, ranking (6)

When it comes to a surgeon's job description, the word "fun" doesn't always come to mind. However, Bossa Studios is looking to shatter that notion and prove them wrong with this indie sleeper officially known as Surgeon Simulator 2013.

The life of a surgeon can be hectic and intense, and this game captures that feeling with its immersive first-person view and deep mechanics. This is further enhanced with support for nuanced motion controls that can be exploited via the Switch's Joy-Cons.

Despite the "Yes" tag, this prank puts a silly spin on a normally more serious subject, with a little loose physics and excessive gore. This complicated interface makes failure almost guaranteed as you fumble and stumble through operations.

4 two point hospital

Best doctor and medicine games, ranking (7)

Given the success of the fan-favorite themed hospital two decades earlier, British developer Two Point Studios had the daunting task of trying to top those efforts. Though it wasn't all that unreasonable considering the role developers Mark Webley and Gary Carr played in creating this classic.

Whether this spiritual successor does Theme Hospital justice is debatable, but for most it comes pretty close. It certainly trumps it in terms of pleasing aesthetics and neat, uncluttered interface.

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two point hospitalit takes the boring, gritty nature of the hospital atmosphere and gives it a wacky, colorful twist. This quirky style is complemented by genuinely fun and rewarding gameplay, as you're tasked with building and managing busy facilities from the ground up, while dealing with some pretty wacky illnesses.

3 Trauma center: second opinion

Best doctor and medicine games, ranking (8)

While this cult hit from Atlus lagged behind the Wii's big release, it tended to be overshadowed by the esteemed Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It also didn't help that the game isa glorified remake of a DS titleof the previous year.

Still, Trauma Center: Second Opinion remains one of the most entertaining medical sims for a console. This is due in part to the attractive anime overlay and engaging narrative. But while the charming aesthetic draws players in, it's the polished mechanics and addictive gameplay that keep them hooked.

Fueled by the Wii's creative use of motion controls, Atlus keeps the intrigue and curve balls rolling with a variety of tools, tasks and processes to work with. Intensive surgical procedures have never been so much fun!

2 Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2

Best doctor and medicine games, ranking (9)

Building on the solid foundation of its 2005 predecessor, this sequel to Trauma Center expands the depth and storytelling experience. At the same time, it launches some new surgeries, such as bone repair.

Following the Wii Tangent, Vanguard and Atlus make a welcome return to the DS's crisper and more intuitive touchscreen controls. The game keeps you up to date with ten unique surgical tools, from scalpels to defibrillators.

Under the Knife 2 shines at once in terms of presentation, storytelling and innovative trauma-based gameplay.

1 theme hospital

Best doctor and medicine games, ranking (10)

Although released on PlayStation and PC, this classic particularly shines on the latter with a smooth, detailed finish that fits the keyboard and mouse setup like a glove. Bullfrog Productions strikes the perfect balance between engaging, accessible gameplay and robust depth.

The game brings with it a variety of different objectives, leaving things open-ended on how to approach them. The hours will fly by in this addictive game as you juggle many tasks. These range from building and treating patients to managing money and reputation.

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