10 spiritual meanings behind broken glass (2023)

When you see glass shatter, does it seem like disaster is heading your way? Have you ever imagined that these pieces of broken glass bring good luck tidings?

Read on to find out. Here we will talk about the spiritual meaning behind breaking glass.

The symbol of a breaking glass can interest, frighten or inspire you. It depends on the things you do in real life.

Expect the meanings to touch change, rebirth, change, warnings, among others. But these explanations aim to make your life great.

Make sure you take care of every idea here. So here are ten meanings if yousee a glass break.

10 spiritual meanings behind broken glass (1)


  • Meaning of broken glass
    • 1. Good luck is coming
    • 2. Your relationship is not good
    • 3. Positive life changes
    • 4. You suffer a loss
    • 5. Family or broken relationship
    • 6. End of an era
    • 7. Be careful
    • 8. Be flexible
    • 9. You have a weak mind
    • 10. Broken promises
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Meaning of broken glass

1. Good luck is coming

if you see onebroken glassit often means that good things are coming soon. The bad omen in your life will disappear. Then it's time for good things to come.

This meaning could be in your love life, career or business. There will be a change of events in this project. These are the things that will help you achieve most of your goals.

The broken glass shows that your old bad habits are disappearing. Therefore, you must be willing to embrace the changes with happiness.

Also, the sound of those broken pieces of glass showing that evil is disappearing. However, this is what happens if you accidentally break the glass.


Remember that it is mainly about your finances. Don't let happiness become a curse as these blessings begin to flow into your life. Make good use of opportunities to improve your life and achieve your life goals.

2. Your relationship is not good

Sometimes,when a glass breaks, the event should concern you. This meaning applies to you, especially if you are married orfall in love. Come and let me know that your love is alright.

The spirits say that you will soon break up with your partner. In addition, there are chances thatyour loverit will break your heart.

Therefore, you need to be careful and be prepared for anything. You should also sit down with your partner and see if there is anything that could be affecting the peace between the two of you.

There is a chance that you can make things right with your lover. Well, it's because even if glass breaks, there's a chance to revive it before it gets worse.

You must not ignore this warning from the spirits. This can lead to things that will end your relationship.

3. Positive life changes

Get ready for big life changes when you see or break a glass. The old life is gone, so it's time for a new one.

First of all, if a glass breaks, you can never get it back. It means the same to you that your life will change soon.

Sometimes you will love these changes, while other times you will find them difficult. So the spirits say that you must be prepared for these changes that will significantly affect your life.

It could be that you are about to get married because you are single. You need to change your lifestyle because things will be different.

Also, you may have landed a great job. Don't be surprised by these changes. Instead, be ready to love the new life this job will bring you.

4. You suffer a loss

Broken glasses also show that you have lost something. This meaning is to encourage you that things will get better soon.

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You could have lost your business, a lover, or a family member through death. Here the breaking of glasses represents the familiar.

This event now harms you and prevents you from doing other things. So the spirits are saying that it is time for you to walk away from this event.

You have to accept that the loss happened to you. After that, learn to live without the person or object you lost.

Yes, it will demotivate you. But remember, you have better days in life waiting for you.

Also, it's time to pick up new skills as you work your way through these events. These are the things that make you shine in life.

5. Family or broken relationship

Breaking your glasses can also often happen to you. It shows less peace and togetherness between you and your family members. So this meaning is a warning for your life.

Yes, you may think that everything is fine, but the love between your brothers and sisters is waning. Soon it may lead to things you cannot change.

Be sure to sit down with the family member to see any issues. Also, the spirits use you to ensure that there is peace between all family members.

Sometimes the bond between you and your friend is weak. Sit down with your close friends again and talk to see if there is peace between the two of you.

If you ignore this warning, things can get worse. Make sure you hear your spirits calling.

6. End of an era

There are times when glasses break; They show that you are nearing the end of a certain stage in your life. So you must be ready to introduce the new phase.

These shards of glass show that the old phase is over. You cannot return to this given life.

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If you are a leader, it means your time is running out. So the spirits are telling you to be ready to accept it.

Also, it means that you have to change some properties at the beginning of this phase. It could be that you have finished school or that you are retiring from your job. These are different stages of life where you need to change.

7. Be careful

The vision of the breaking glass also shows that one should be careful with one's life. It will mainly relate to you when you were the one who broke the glass.

You can accidentally break the glass or if you know it. Either way, it's a sign that something terrible could happen if you're not careful. The event is not only a warning, but also a bit of bad luck.

Therefore, the best way to ensure your safety is to be careful and vigilant. People often tend to be careless when they are in their comfort zone.

It could be that your business is doing well. Seeing the glass break means being careful at work because something can bring the company down. Never assume that no harm will occur.

8. Be flexible

When you see glass breaking, it also tells you to be varied with your steps. Don't be rigid because that will deny you the chance to make it big.

Well, nobody can bend a glass. So it will break if you try to change its shape.

The spirits tell you not to be solid as glass. If you have a problem, be willing to accept other people's ideas. It will help you solve your problems and learn new skills.

You can apply it in your workplace. If your boss asks you to work as a team, stick to the rules even if you're not sociable.

If you choose to be rigid, it may end up shattering like glasses. Be ready to adapt to all events in life, good or bad.

9. You have a weak mind

The vision that glass breaks every time in real life or in dreams means that your soul is weak. Then any evil spirit can attack and destroy you.

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Here the glass represents your weak soul. Breaking the glasses shows how attacks can break them. Remember, you should always treat your soul with great care, like glass.

But what should you do to fix things? Well, it's time for you to strengthen your soul.

How you do it depends on your religion. The usual way is to say a prayer of protection each time.

10. Broken promises

Sometimes breaking glasses shows that someone is breaking their promises. These are things that will disappoint you and break your heart.

It may be that someone promised to help you complete some tasks but failed you. It could also be that your partner has promised never to cheat on you.

But now that loving partner is going ahead to break your heart. Broken glass reveals many of these promises.

Here the spirits say that trusting people and their promises is never safe. Even if the person promises to be part of the deal, don't always put your hopes in the same basket.

You must be prepared for any outcome when someone makes a promise to you. Also do you have another plan if the oath never comes off.

Sometimes it shows that someone wants to lie to you. This person will let you down badly.


Glass is one of the easiest things to break. So whenever you see it break, the message behind the event might startle you.

But it doesn't always have to be like this. Breaking a glass can also cheer you up that better days are coming.

Some of these symbols draw attention to your life. But if you choose to ignore these meanings, especially if they relate to you, things will not go well for you.

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So do you have another spiritual meaning when a glass breaks? Please let us know, we're ready to hear from you.

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10 spiritual meanings behind broken glass (2)


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